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We are committed to sourcing the best coffee beans available and roasting each batch with the greatest care and precision to pull out all of the unique flavors of each bean.

We roast and sample many different coffees to find not only the best tasting coffees, but also diverse coffees that will appeal to people’s varying tastes.  The experience of tasting coffee is at the same time both objective and subjective.  In one sense, there are definitive tastes and aromas that certain coffees have and the quality of the coffee is seen through these attributes.  However, in another sense, coffee is about preference.  Coffee is meant to be enjoyed and we want to provide diverse options that will appeal to the distinct taste preferences of each of our customers.

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Check out what we are roasting below.  We hope you enjoy!

Brazil – Mogianabrazil pocodecaldas copy

Region: Pocos de Caldas
Farm: Laranjal Farm
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1250 masl
Processing Method: Natural Process

We love Brazilian coffees for their smoothness and nutty flavors.  After sampling several different Brazils and being disappointed, we were ecstatic when we found this Yellow Bourbon.  We think it is our best Brazilian yet with a great balanced flavor with a hint of toffee and a unique spiciness.

Who should buy this coffee: If you like a rich, smooth, traditional coffee that is just dark enough to bring out the roasty flavors this one is for you.  Also, it is fantastic with a pastry.



Idiot's Hill Label


Idiots Hill Blend

This is our first blend and we absolutely love it.  We designed this specifically as an espresso roast, but it is also amazing as an iced coffee or just brewed up in a pour over or french press.  We roast this coffee quite a bit darker resulting in a rich andchocolatey flavor.

Who should buy this coffee: If you like a dark roasted, rich coffee, or if you are looking for a smooth and rich espresso, this coffee is perfect for you!






Peru – DecafDecaf whole bean

Region: Cajamarca
Farm: 2,000 small-holders
Varietal: Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon
Altitude: 1200 – 2200 masl
Processing Method: Fully washed and sun dried on-site

We were unsure if we really ever wanted to roast a decaf coffee.  We didn’t know if we could ever produce a decaf that was really a delicious drinking experience.  Then, we sample roasted this one and we were convinced that decaffeinated coffee needed to be in our catalog.  We have simply never had a decaf this good.  It is lemony and nutty and goes down incredibly smoothly.  It is just plain fun to drink.

Who should buy this coffee?  Well, anyone who wants decaffeinated coffee and wants it to be delicious.